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Construction Aerial Videography

Large construction projects, landscape, and commercial hardscaping can benefit tremendously from drone aerial photography and videography. We have the ability to survey your construction sight weekly or monthly. We want to make sure that the job is getting done efficiently and correctly.

Many construction jobs have architects or investors that are not local. Drone photography is the best way for them to stay up to date with the progress of the project. The ability to oversee and manage a project from a different state relieves stress and can stop costly mistakes.

We Create A Visual Representation Of Your Project

Phoenix is one of the unique states that has the ability to do construction year round because of the warm weather. We want to make sure your company is getting the most business possible. We create videos to demonstrate the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of your construction company.

These highlight videos can consist of many special aspects depending on what you are looking to display at your construction site. Our drones are able to film aerial construction footage allowing us to easily navigate through every site without issues.

Want to capture a timelapse video of your construction site while also highlighting the safety and intricate details of the design?

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What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Work

Harmon Solar
Señor Mist
Meyerson Law Firm
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Harmon Solar

"Drone Service Phoenix really knows how to capture the best aspects of your business from the sky. The pictures turned out awesome and the video was professionally done. We will be using Drone Service Phoenix again."

- Harmon Solar

Señor Mist

"The aerial video created for us was absolutely incredible. We booked our drone appointment at the beginning of the week and had a finished product by the end. I definitely would recommend Drone Service Phoenix."

- Señor Mist

Meyerson Law Firm

"Provided a great price for the aerial drone video. I was not really sure what to expect because it was my first time, however, I was not disappointed. The video exceeded my expectations providing a truly cinematic feel."

- Meyerson Law Firm