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From A Birds Eye View

Aerial photography and videography will help elevate your commercial real estate. Capturing footage with a drone is more cost-effective than the alternative of using a helicopter to take video. Our drone is able to capture the best aerial photos and videos for a fraction of the cost!

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Show Off Your Building

Capture stunning photos and videos of your office building and showcase your location so that everyone is able to find your commercial property. Aerial footage of your commercial property will help you attract new tenants and customers to your specific location.

Aerial photography and videography is an excellent way to showcase your surrounding area.

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Are there restaurants, retail stores, popular highways near your commercial real estate?

Showcase your property and the amenities surrounding it using Drone Services Phoenix.

Do you want to demonstrate how great your commercial real estate property is?

Show off your gorgeous landscape and collaborative atmosphere to drive customers and potential employees.

Use aerial drone footage to create appealing and engaging videos of your commercial property. Reach new angles of your building or complex to truly demonstrate the beautiful qualities it has. All of our aerial photos and videos are shot with a high-definition camera with the ability to quickly maneuver around any landscape.

Marketing Videos That Are Created To Amaze

Here at Drone Services Phoenix, our team consists of not only drone experts, but also digital marketing experts with decades of experience. We create impressive marketing videos for your commercial real estate property. A video compilation of aerial drone shots and detailed interior shots are combined to make the perfect cinematic experience.

Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography
Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography
Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography
Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography
Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography
Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography
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What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Work

Harmon Solar
Señor Mist
Meyerson Law Firm
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Harmon Solar

"Drone Service Phoenix really knows how to capture the best aspects of your business from the sky. The pictures turned out awesome and the video was professionally done. We will be using Drone Service Phoenix again."

- Harmon Solar

Señor Mist

"The aerial video created for us was absolutely incredible. We booked our drone appointment at the beginning of the week and had a finished product by the end. I definitely would recommend Drone Service Phoenix."

- Señor Mist

Meyerson Law Firm

"Provided a great price for the aerial drone video. I was not really sure what to expect because it was my first time, however, I was not disappointed. The video exceeded my expectations providing a truly cinematic feel."

- Meyerson Law Firm